Ephemeral Beauty

Heiko Ruth spent his holiday this year in his home country – up in the very north of Germany. Shortly beforehand, he had became interested in time-lapse photography and, finding himself in a place where clouds build all the day through, he became overwhelmed by the beauty above and spent his time shoot nothing but skies. Heiko set the results to his own music and used as a voiceover the TED talk by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Cloud Appreciation Society Member 0001. We love it!

7 thoughts on “Ephemeral Beauty”

  1. Fionna Bright avatar Fionna says:

    I find the the slightly out-of-hearing commentary part of the mesmerizing quality of this work. Like with the low chatter that goes on in our minds all the time, we tune in and out as something catches us, but in fact, that low chatter is more like the sound of breezes or a heartbeat. Here, the barely audible commentary moves my mind to the visuals, sends me deeply into them in an almost dream state and holds me there, sailing and turning and evolving along with the tribes of clouds making free use of the space. Quite fearless.

  2. Shirley Vuille avatar rookie says:

    The music overwhelms the video and the commentary. It should play as a complimentary background, not as the primary intention.

  3. Jeanette Arnold avatar Jeanette Arnold says:

    Beautiful!The music,well intended though it is,is a bit too much.

  4. joyce_hildebrand avatar Joyce says:

    I agree … any chance of editing the video by turning the music down a bit?

  5. Lynn Wright avatar lynnwr19@tiscali.co.uk says:

    The backing music drowns the commentary, otherwise, lovely.

  6. joyce_hildebrand avatar Joyce says:

    Wonderful. Who did the soundtrack?

  7. Christine McConnell avatar Chrisy says:

    Just brilliant!

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