Encapsulated in the Clouds

Susan Williams is from Coventry in the UK. She recently shared two of her poems which she wrote after having been inspired by her friend, Susan Nefzger from the USA who shared cloud photographs with her on Facebook.


Sleep-induced visions, ousted by swirling streaks of genius,
Float majestically across impassive, bloodshot sky.
Effortlessly, expression soars, softly spans opulent ocean.
Eager eddies of excitement, embodied in a pulsating pure-bred stallion.

A mystical charioteer, clear-sighted, clasps the reigns. Blazing
A brazen trail of rhythmic newness, bursts forth into the fray.
Creativity careers forward in a whirl of wind, wit and wonder,
Vibrant, alive, electrified by the power of endless possibility.

Fiery flames fan the dawning drama of a new day;
Transform dreamy notions into radiant, radical, reality.


Leap with joy, pirouette with grace; pure, liquid emotion
Illuminates sweep of soft night sky. Gregarious grand jeté,
Propelled across endless space, no time to aimlessly drift,
Allow resolute dreams to dissipate, dissolve and die.

Whip up wild passion, wonder of white swan
Newly taken flight; whirring of angel’s wings.
Cosmic dancer, points, dazzling and bright,
With pinpoint precision, zeros in on true light.

Consumed by destiny, in charge of her fate,
Challenged, with elegance, to effortlessly, elate.

© Sue Williams

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