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Curiosity sees noctilucent clouds shining in Mars’ sky

Mars-noctilucent-clouds-Curiosity-sol2410-5-18-2018 Via NASA /JPL-Caltech /Justin Cowart/Planetary Society.

Curiosity sees noctilucent clouds shining in Mars’ sky

Timothy Kessler, supporting member 89194, recently drew our attention to this article from Earth Sky. It tells us that the Planetary Society reported recently that the Curiosity Rover on Mars recently saw noctilucent – or “night-shining” – clouds in Mars’ sky.

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  • Daniel Mehta avatar


    July 3, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Wow. This is amazing. I’m always wondering what the clouds are like on other planets… So cool that Mars has NLCs!

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