Cloud Videos

Clouds never stay still. They're in a state of perpetual transition, mutating from one form to another. This ephemeral, ever-changing quality is part of their beauty. If you have time-lapse video of clouds for this page, upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and send us a link.

Castelluccio di Norcia

Massimiliano Squadroni sent us this timelapse from Castelluccio di Norcia, February 16, 2021 showing a wonderful display of clouds over one of the highest settlements in the Apennines.

The Earth Breathes – A week in the West

Gary Yost, member 56,542, recently completed "The Earth Breathes - A Week in the West", a new film that transforms fire prevention cameras into a showcase of the West's fragile beauty.

Sunrise, A New Day

Massimiliano Squadroni, sent this video timelapse "Sunrise, A New Day" from Italy. It was filmed using the daily timelapse technique between 27th September and 1st October 2021.

60-Second Doc

Here’s the story of the Cloud Appreciation Society told in a minute.

Clouds Over India

Salil P Kawli, member 56,573, shot these clouds during a Monsoon period in Mumbai city, India, and the surrounding areas.

Clouds of Haleakala

Gary Yost recently sent us this time-lapse study of clouds as seen from the slopes of the Haleakala volcano, Maui (between 3,200' - 10,000'). Shot during the week of February 14, 2016.

Conde Nast “Catching Fog”

The delicate process of fog collection is as beautiful as you might imagine. It's also a sustainable way of harvesting water in drought-stricken areas of the country. Explore the process with Dr. Daniel Fernandez (member member 45,058) of Cal State University, Monterey Bay.

Clouds over Cibola National Forest, NM

Cloudspotter and videographer, Jim Taulman sent us this and other short videos of Clouds over Cibola National Forest, NM.

Clouds over Mumbai

Salil Kawli, member 56,573, sent us this time-lapse video of cirrus clouds over Mumbai, India, that he shot on 24th August 2021.