Cloud Scanner – A Personal Cause

Artist, Justin Wiggan, has started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the creation of a Cloud Scanner device to turn the appearance of clouds into sounds and haptic feedback for visually and hearing impaired children.  He told us:

“The sky should be the most accessible thing of all so I’ll build a working prototype of a handheld device called a cloud scanner which reads clouds and converts the signal into sound which is then converted to a haptic signals which can be felt.

The funds will go on development of the tech , parts and testing so that children with sight impairment can hear and feel the clouds and allowing this accessibility to the sky for these children will have a major impact in wellbeing.

Climate action awareness sometimes forgets to include those who may be overlooked due to physical disabilities .

Cloud scanner allows a channel to trigger emotive and empathetic conversations leading to behaviour change in children that are sight impaired or blind. This gives a voice to those”.

You can see read more and see a video about his work on his CrowdFunder page

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