Contrails (January ’05)

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A couple of contrails* blowing an air kiss to their friends in the Cloud Appreciation Society. Born at 40,000ft, these cheeky clouds aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere while they spread into gentle feathered cirrus layers called cirrostratus. If you watch their locks grow long in the wind, you can be sure these lovely ladies share a little secret – that rain will probably come in a day or two.

(* Contrails are the long straight man-made clouds that form behind high-altitude aircraft)

One thought on “Contrails (January ’05)”

  1. Ilu Kuyp says:

    Hey! Great site!! I’ve seen these whispy wonders before also! there are many in my country. some times they cover the whole sky, like a big cloud. it does not rain for days, then it rain very hard!

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