December’s Cloud of the Month

Cloud of the Month for December: a nice bit of Cirrus

After a long absence from the website, we have now reinstated our Cloud of the Month. This is where, each month, we simply choose our favourite cloud photograph from the society’s amazing photo gallery.

The Cloud of the Month for December is some fancy Cirrus clouds spotted over South Carolina, US, and photographed by Betty Owen. You can see previous Clouds of The Month here. (Please bear with us when it comes to some of the older entries, as we are still updating the layouts).

3 thoughts on “December’s Cloud of the Month”

  1. Elizabeth Owen avatar Betty Owen says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I thought of (candy canes) when I photographed these J-shaped beauties.

  2. Lynn Rouse says:

    These beautiful clouds have to be “candy canes”…after all it’s a Dec photo…just use your emagination for the red stripes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    whats it suppose to be

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