Beach bar that mirrors the sky

Artist's impression of the finished Anderby Creek Cloud Bar

Artist’s impression of the finished
Anderby Creek Cloud Bar

Anderby Creek, a beach on the Lincolnshire coast, will soon have its own official cloudspotting area, endorsed by the society.

Artist Michael Trainor is redesigning a disused shelter at the popular holiday destination into a ‘cloud bar’.

Visitors will be able to gaze at cloud formations by reclining in specially designed seats and treat themselves to unusual views by turning a mini-forest of parabolic mirrors which will bring the sky down to human level. There will be cloud menus with descriptions and examples of clouds to help them identify what they see.

CAS Official Cloudspotting Area logo

Society founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney has agreed to make it an official cloudspotting area and the special CAS logo pictured here will be incorporated into the design.

It is hoped the Anderby Creek Cloud Bar will be finished by March 2008.

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