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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

From Debi Perkins

Debi Perkins is an artist based in Crestview, FL. who recently discovered the Cloud Appreciation Society. This is one of her latest works.

“Winter Storm” by Thomas Blazier

This is the latest painting by Thomas Blazier, member 17,468, entitled "Winter Storm" which was inspired by the views around Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Painting Clouds In Lockdown

Mary Romer, member 50,765, wrote telling us about cloud paintings she has completed this year whilst living through these extraordinary times as well as the Cloud Garden Art Initiative.

From Louise Morgan

Louise Morgan, member 28,857, sent this painting in response to a recent Cloud-a-Day. She paints from her subconcious and gets lost in the process. She told us her daughter thought this looked like a sheep.

By Regina Calton Burchett

Regina Calton Burchett, member 51,261, sent us this pastel painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains and corresponding poem she wrote to accompany it.

From Roberta Grandi

Roberta Grandi, Society member 7665, sent her latest cloud inspired oil painting.

From Cathy Reincke

Cathy Reincke sent her painting, "Spilled Milk in the Red Cedar" which was inspired by a photograph taken by Fay Thompson of the Red Cedar River near Colfax, WI.

From Celia Parker

Celia Parker, member 38266, often paints pictures of Dartmoor but thinks this is the first time she's got the sky and the clouds just right.

From Sofie Dieu

Sofie Dieu (member 45,721) is an artist who uses ink to draw and paint nebulas and other cloud realms.