Cloud Art

Got cloud art to contribute to the Cloud Appreciation Society? Submit in your work and we will be happy to consider sharing it here.

Hyejin Park

Hyejin Park, sent us this painting of the sky seen from the window of their room.

Moonset 2021 by Yvonne Maximchuk

Yvonne Maximchuk, member 50,031, told us "sometimes I sleep on my deck in my easy chair, never knowing what I might see when I open my eyes..."

From Clare Scott

Clare Scott, member 39,730, created this plein air, pastel painting of a pyrocumulus cloud building from one of the largest wildfires (Cameron Peak Fire) in Colorado north of where she was painting.

Norcross Pond, New Hampshire

Hayley Richards, member 52,003 lives in Hanover, New Hampshire and told us she has been inspired to paint clouds recently.

From Carole Rae Watanabe

Carole Rae Watanabe, member 57,467, spends a lot of time in Kaua’i Hawai’i and is inspired by the clouds there over the ocean.

Sky #32 by Martien Van Beeck

Martien Van Beeck is an artist based in Ghent, Belgium. His painting "Sky #32" is from an ongoing series of cloudy skies

Approaching Storm

David Oscarson, member 40,914, has been painting watercolours for a number years and includes clouds in his landscape watercolours.

Afternoon East

Karen Fitzgerald is a mid-career visual artist living and working in New York City. Having been born and raised in Wisconsin watching the sky is an essential part of her day.

A Painting for a Friend

Sarah Sturgis, member 56,262 painted this recently for a friend who had asked if she could show rain in her paintings.