Cloud Art

Got cloud art to contribute to the Cloud Appreciation Society? Submit in your work and we will be happy to consider sharing it here.

Afternoon East

Karen Fitzgerald is a mid-career visual artist living and working in New York City. Having been born and raised in Wisconsin watching the sky is an essential part of her day.

A Painting for a Friend

Sarah Sturgis, member 56,262 painted this recently for a friend who had asked if she could show rain in her paintings.

From Judy Friesem

Judy Friesem, member 50,071 created this watercolour of a stormy day at the beginning of the pandemic. We love the way she has captured the drama of the sky.

From Lucretia Bingham

Author and artist Lucretia Bingham, member 53,512, features clouds in most of her paintings and this one was inspired by a camping trip in early Autumn.

From Mick Garton

Mick Garton, member 11,554, painted this stormy morning crossing of the (now old) Forth Road Bridge towards Edinburgh in mixed acrylic/watercolour in 2012

From Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan, member 51,238, sent us "North Shore Clouds", a painting in acrylic inspired by the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

From Sherry Palmer

Sherry Palmer, member 27,151, has been visiting Skye for over 30 years to paint and see a wealth of clouds every time.

From Jackie Williams

Artist, Jackie Williams, has been painting with watercolour for some time now and in one of the last courses she attended they also painted clouds. She told us, "it was quite tricky to capture those ever-changing beings but real fun".

‘Luchtig’ – A Collection

Alrik Swagerman, member 56,484, has spent the last five years photographing the sky in his hometown Scheveningen, The Netherlands, mainly endeavouring to capture its stillness and open space that he experiences on the coast. It has resulted in a collection of 32 photographs entitled ‘Luchtig’.