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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

From Sybille Jones

Sybille Jones is an artist based in Oregon, US, who recently created this digital painting entitled "Approaching Tidal Wave"

From Ann Kraus

Ann Kraus, member 48,329 is a painter of clouds. Her website says "Being focused and cloud aware is certainly a needed antidote for our downward gaze at our digital screens".

From Malcolm Tuffnell

Malcolm Tuffnell, member 55,301, tells us he has always been in awe of thunderstorms, especially squall lines, and saw many of them while living on the east coast for nine years.

From Maia Eden

Maia Eden is an artist who recently started a new upcycling business which includes painting furniture. She has just completed this commission for a teenage girl's chest of drawers.

From Joseph Sweeney

Joseph Sweeney, member 54,778, an artist from Pennsylvania was inspired by a landscape in Delaware to paint "Farm on New Road" a 30 x 40" pastel.

CloudZones online by Paul Bennett

Artist, Paul Bennett (Member 47271), was recently able to exhibit his paintings at Gallery Lane Cove in Sydney. It was a successful show and his catalogue is now available to view online.

From Debra Dolinski

Debra Dolinski, member 6,561, is a talented sky watercolour artist and has been a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society for many years.

From Daryl D Johnson

Daryl Johnson, member 45193, is an artist based in New Orleans. This painting is called "Clouds Wrapping" 24 x 48" oils on canvas and was inspired by how clouds can be so dynamic and seem to cause the earth to breath.