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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

The Cloud Appreciation Society mail art project
Lindsey Gould (Member 36,694) invited members to send art creations to her in the mail. She then replied with a mail art work of her own. See some of what members sent in here…

The CAS mail art project

Sculpture by Mo Kelman

For the past few years Mo Kelman, member 43936, has produced tensile sculptures that are inspired by ephemeral phenomena — mostly clouds, as well as steam and smoke.

“Night Clouds Playing”

Karen Fitzgerald, member 40834, lives and works in NYC and has been painting clouds off and on for 10 years.

By Carrie Stout

Carrie Stout is an American artist who draws inspiration from the sky.

from Kelly Money

Kelly Money is an artist from New Hope, Pennsylvania. The main focus of her work is clouds and although her subject may be singular, her style is not

Over Hampstead, London

Cloud enthusiast Kay Gallwey, asks if anyone noticed the sky over Hampstead, London NW3 on the evening of Sunday, 7th October at 18.23?

‘Fleeting Moment’ by Bhavna Misra

Bhavna Misra is a freelance artist working out of her Bay Area based art studio. Fleeting Moment is one of her recent works inspired by the floating clouds above the Castro Valley region in California.

Places East of Here,

Susan Downing White, member 41736, recently sent us her painting "Places East of Here, No. 40".