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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

“Kumo” Cloud Scupture

Miya Ando is an American artist known for her metal paintings which encapsulate both ephemerality and permanence in their subtle, brilliant color gradients....

From Johanna McCormick

Johanna McCormick (member 43238) lives and works in Boulder Creek, California, USA....


Claire Pendrigh is an artist living in Tasmania, Australia....

“Looking Up” by Tiffany Rysdale

Tiffany Rysdale is an oil painter from Scotland, UK living and working in Adelaide, South Australia. She paints character-based work and in this particular painting the clouds take on the form of the character she painted. Tiffany came across the Cloud Appreciation Society...

Marble Cloud Sculpture

Rob Good, member 22266, is a sculptor and in 2017 won the Brian Mercer Residency, spending three months in Pietrasanta, Italy, working on marble sculpture. ...

From Christina Ulander

Christina Ulander is an artist living and working in East Devon, UK. Her passion is painting, specialising in creating large, contemporary works using oils and acrylics...