Cloud Art

Got cloud art to contribute to the Cloud Appreciation Society? Submit in your work and we will be happy to consider sharing it here.

Spectacle by Daryl D Johnson

Daryl D Johnson, member 45,193 is an artist based in New Orleans. She told us "Surrounding my studio in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA are spectacular skies and sunsets. I paint to express the exploding chi of clouds".

In Sterling Forest

Karen Fitzgerald is a mid-career visual artist living and working in New York City.

From Hyejin Park

Hyejin Park sent us the oil painting of the view from her house.  What a great sky!

From Ian Morris

Ian Morris is an artist from Manchester, England.  He works in different mediums and sent us one of his recent cloud related artworks.

From Hyejin Park

Artist, Hyejin Park, has sent us her latest watercolour – a peaceful cloud to bring some calmness to our day.

Sky #32 by Martien Van Beeck

Martien Van Beeck is an artist based in Ghent, Belgium. His painting "Sky #32" is from an ongoing series of cloudy skies

Wistful Dreaming by Michelle Purves

Michelle Purves, Member 59,285, is besotted by clouds and she tells us “my passion is to paint the ever illusory, changing, ethereal beauty that connects sky to the landscape.  In Australia my inspiration comes from the remote pristine inlets, and the continuum of soaring skies”.

“Treading Light” by Daryl D. Johnson

Daryl D. Johnson (Member 45,193) paints from her photos in a studio in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. “Most times I see clouds as hugging energy and a comfort to be under. Uplifting and inspiring to higher thought and acts.” Treading Light 30×48” Oils on canvas You can see more of her work on her Website, […]

Winter Clouds

Lucretia Bingham, member 53,512, recently completed this painting of winter clouds - all silver threads and golden needles, pierced with greys.