7 thoughts on “We’ve chosen the Cloud of the Month for March”

  1. Chloe Styles says:

    The best cloud I have seen!

  2. Stephanie Jean Crane avatar Stephanie Jean Crane says:

    Must say very good ,right place right time well done .

  3. Amanda Killen avatar Amanda says:

    what a cracker of a shot! I am envious!!!

  4. I’m extremely grateful and thrilled for it. Thanks to everyone for the compliments and support. I am passionate about weather and clouds, and always give my best to photograph these beautiful formations of nature.

    Regards everyone!

  5. Laurence Green avatar Laurence Green says:

    I am in full hearty agreement with Bryan’s thoughts about this truly wonderful picture. Guilhereme, I am highly gratified your stunning and memorable photo has been selected as “Cloud of the Month” for March. I would have not expected anything else. I keep looking at your photo and it continually fills me with wonderment.

    Well done and warm congratulations!


  6. bryan says:

    I’m really happy to see this photo as the “Cloud of the Month” Very well deserved. I’m thinking it should even be considered for next years calendar too. FANTASTIC!!!!

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