Category: Cloud Poetry

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From Anthony Lewis in Swansea, UK


Beneath that lofty sky,
As leaden grey clouds drift by.
I want for nothing more,
Than to stand amazed.
And hear seas roar.
And on the far horizon,
A backdrop canvas bible black.
The stage is set
As I get wet.
And clouds move and stack-
In shapes and forms before the wind.
But beaten by the turning tide of time.
Retreat I must from this shore
Beneath that lofty sky.

(Swansea Bay, September 2005)

From Paul Doxey in Suffolk, UK

A poem inspired by hearing the music of The Cloud Harp

Your clear blue sky

Your clear blue sky
cannot convince
I see through your pretence
no stitch masks your emptiness
your godless perfection of void

Your deceitful black sky
betrayed by chilling phantoms
false mirage of harbour lights and homesteads

You see
I have heard the music of angels

[Dedicated to the Cloud Harp]

From Maximilan Kleibeler in Hamburg, Germany:

(We don’t understand it, but he promises us it is about clouds)

Sie fliegen auf und ab, hin und her,
treffen alles dieser Welt.

Mal hell, mal dunkel, mal leicht mal schwer,
Und manchmal auch ein Farben-Meer.

Mal trifft man sie als Tiger, mal als Drachen,
Und auch mal steigend auf,
aus eines Menschens Rachen.

Mal sind sie Feld, mal sind sie Pfeil,
Und meistens gut fürs Seelen heil.

Mal regen sie auf, mal schön wie Poesie,
Mal verzaubern sie auch, wie Magie.

Man kann sie lieben, man kann sie hassen,
Doch eine Sache, kann man nicht unterlassen.

Man nimmt sie ewig wahr, ob man will oder nicht,
Denn sie gehören zum Leben, so wie das Licht.
(Hamburg, Germany 2004)

From Colin Goedecke in New York City, US

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Animale del Cielo

The gods are amusing each other
with topiaries. Questo pomeriggio,
a rampant lepre is cotton tailed
by a fluffed and puffing cinghiale;
Bacchus pursues a tiny ninfa
which he soon consumes,
only to re-form, a propos,
into a plump and plug-nosed porchetta:
each aerial act reflecting
the bestiary of this bel paese.

(Tuscany, September 1998)

Las Bocanadas

Of an evening
usually approaching cocktail hour,
when a good wind comes up,
the clouds over Cozumel
roll into Robustos and Churchills,
Imperials and Double Coronas,
light themselves with the first flames
of sunset, and puff off
to Havana.

(Yucatan, Mexico 1999)

From Leah Aronoff in Ohio, US:

The Banality of Blue Skies

They are serious about cirrus.
And stratus.
And cumulus.
Also alto.
And fracto.
There is the honored cloud of the month.
Clouds that look like other things.
Clouds that look like nothing else.
One kind looking over the shoulder of another.
They softly call attention to
News that rocks the cloud world.
Cloudspotters chit chat with other cloudspotters.
The Cloud Appreciation Society Badge Issuing Committee
Makes a stunning announcement.
Henceforth new members will receive
Only one style of badge. (Gasp!)
It will show the cumulus.
This makes old members instant collectors.
Ebay eligible.
With their leftover cirrus, contrail, whatever.

My suspicion is that one, Gavin Pretor-Pinney,
Coudspotter Extraordinary,
Is behind it all,
Churning out his little cumulus badges,
Waiting to sucker in people like me.
People with their heads in the clouds.

From Marianne Beasley:

Dear Clouds

I will
lie upon my back
and gaze up at you
and yearn to be with you
so that I could
roll around in you
delight in you
be free in you
I do
Love you.

From Dan Bloom in Taiwan:


Like human fingerprints
No two clouds are alike
They soar in the sky
like majestic towers
”turkey towers” the weatherman calls them
crying out for attention,
full of pizazz and verve.
Yes, summer clouds are a delight to the eye
white mushrooms of smoke
set against a blue, blue sky…
Are you a summer cloud?
Do you have summer wings?
Summer flings?
Of all the clouds in the world
(and there are millions of them)
Which cloud pattern are you?
Ready to do battle?

Whatever you do, and whoever you are
remember this:
There is only one you,
and one universe,
of which you are an integral part
and while there are many summer skies
and many summer clouds
the cloud you choose to be
will transport you
to the realization of your dreams
Be the best you can be,
and live up to all your accolades.
Smile when the photographer says “Cheese!”
and give it your best shot.
Life, that is.
Summer clouds,
summer sky,
Bye and bye….
Hello! Goodbye!