From Irene Goodnight and Diana Gibson-Kelley

A song inspired by watching the clouds in Beaufort, South Carolina, US:

Silver Lining

Theres a storm brewing in this heart of mine
Were at a crossroads trying to find our way
Emotions can get cloudy between us dear
But tommorows bound to be a sunny day

There’s a silver lining behind every cloud
No matter how dark it may seem to be
Behind those clouds I can see your eyes
Full of sunshine and bright fields of dreams

A new day waits for us behind the shadows
Promises a brighter dawn ahead
Magic will come down on Shangri-La
Weaving love from skeins of heavens silver threads

Don’t let the momentary get you down
The wheel of life will turn before to long
All these fleeting problems will resolve
Just like an optimistic lovers song

Keep the faith and love will come around
We’ll find we’re standing firm on shiny silver clouds

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