Category: Cloud Art

Got cloud art to contribute to the Cloud Appreciation Society? Submit in your work and we will be happy to consider sharing it here.

From Malcolm Wilson

Malcolm Wilson, member 41,548, painted this scene using oils on canvas of the clouds above Cumbria. It is 3.5 metres long and is to hang in a public room of a Grade 2 Listed Hotel.

From Ann Kraus

Ann Kraus, member 48,329 is a painter of clouds. Her website says “Being focused and cloud aware is certainly a needed antidote for our downward gaze at our digital screens”.

From Malcolm Tuffnell

Malcolm Tuffnell, member 55,301, tells us he has always been in awe of thunderstorms, especially squall lines, and saw many of them while living on the east coast for nine years.

From Maia Eden

Maia Eden is an artist who recently started a new upcycling business which includes painting furniture. She has just completed this commission for a teenage girl’s chest of drawers.

From Daryl D Johnson

Daryl Johnson, member 45193, is an artist based in New Orleans. This painting is called “Clouds Wrapping” 24 x 48″ oils on canvas and was inspired by how clouds can be so dynamic and seem to cause the earth to breath.

Bringing the Sky Inside

Nomad Ovunc, member 53117, and his wife are touring musicians in the US, and regularly criss-cross the country. Whenever they see a beautiful sky, they stop the car and take a photo.

The Mesas, New Mexico

Isabell T VanMerlin, member 50,870, sent us this painting that her aunt created in the 1960s. Caroline Whiting Fellows was a commercial photographer in New York in the 1930s

From Louise Morgan

Louise Morgan, member 28,857, sent this painting in response to a recent Cloud-a-Day. She paints from her subconcious and gets lost in the process. She told us her daughter thought this looked like a sheep.

From Cathy Reincke

Cathy Reincke sent her painting, “Spilled Milk in the Red Cedar” which was inspired by a photograph taken by Fay Thompson of the Red Cedar River near Colfax, WI.

From Robert Austin

Robert Austin, member 43,207, recently sent his painting “Shower Cloud, Bamburgh Castle” in response to a Cloud-a-Day which featured a watercolour by Van Gogh.

From Louise Morgan

Louise Morgan, Society member 28,857, contacted us following a recent Cloud-a-Day on the subject of the English Romantic landscape painters JMW Turner and John Constable were notorious rivals but who both loved painting clouds and the challenge of painting rainbows.

from Ann Kraus

Earlier this year Ann Kraus was featured in a solo show at Pleiadles Gallery in New York City which was attended by a few members of the Cloud Appreciation Society.