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Madonna and child? You cannot be cirrus

Madonna and child? You cannot be cirrus

Skeletal Cirrus © Modestino Carbone

Madonna and child or a skeleton?
© Modestino Carbone

The fantastic photos taken by our members have helped make the CAS cloud gallery famous throughout the world.

Some of the top favourites are those hilarious images of clouds that look like things, from dogs barking to the Michelin Man robbing a bank.

Among our most prolific contributors is Modestino Carbone (member 7416) from Naples in Italy and one of his images has been used to illustrate a new exhibition in Germany.

The Climate Project, which runs at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden until next April, looks at the most recent theories from meteorology and climate research while at the same time addressing the question of how culture and history change our understanding of weather and climate.

Modestino’s Skeletal Cirrus illustrates the chapter of the exhibition catalogue called Wolkengeist (Cloud Spirit) about clouds that look like things.

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    Suzanne Shaw

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