August 2013

The Mysterious Cloud of the Night

Cloud of the Month for August is the elusive night-shining, Noctilucent cloud. This type of cloud forms in the extreme cold of the mesosphere, the region of the atmosphere above the stratosphere, at altitudes of around 30 to 50 miles (48–85 km). Because of their extreme height, Noctilucent clouds reflect sunlight long after sunset, as can be seen seen from the dark sky in AJ Hidding’s photograph over Hoogeveen, the Netherlands.

Noctiulcent clouds can only be spotted during the summer months and then only occasionally. They always have an eerie blue, rippled appearance and the processes behind their formations are far from clear. Which all adds to add to the appeal of a Noctilucent cloud sighting by any avid cloudspotter. Well done to AJ Hidding for capturing this fantastic display!

Photograph © A J Hidding.

4 thoughts on “August 2013”

  1. Marco says:

    Very Nice!!, I have seen these during our return drives to home in the middle of the night (around 02:30) after another epic night at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 20010 or 2011 (not sure).. black christal clear night, no moon and then these ever changing blueish white glowing ripples very high in the sky.. I feel lucky I have seen these for real.

  2. billy ousley says:

    what is the RH at these levels?

  3. Donald Gray avatar Don Gray says:

    Very nice. I have never seen or maybe noticed them before. Great shot.

  4. Math Gossens says:

    Gefeliciteerd met deze geslaagde foto, zeker ‘n foto van de maand waardig..

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