Cloud of the Month for April 2012

April 2012

Cloud of the Month for April 2012

Iridescence over Independence

This month’s cloud formation is a display of cloud iridescence. This colourful optical effect is caused by sunlight being diffracted as it passes around the cloud particles, and is seen mostly often when a cloud is forming or dissipating, which means its water droplets are all of a similar size. The beautiful and eery example shown here is in an Altocumulus cloud spotted by Andrew Kirk over Independence, California, US.

© Photograph Andrew Kirk.

9 thoughts on “April 2012”

  1. Edward Nadalin avatar Edward Nadalin says:

    Eerie Iridescence !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this not just moist warm air emitted from the building?

  3. Ryan Verwest says:

    Beautiful Image! Perfect exposure and backlighting!

  4. Bert Hoebée avatar Anonymous says:

    Very nice..! Altough being a Cirrus fan (name of my sailboat) I sure can appreciate an Altocumulus like this one…

  5. IanL Photo Gall Ed. says:

    Hi GWW your comment is with the photo on the gallery page, is that where you intended it to be…

  6. Michelle Keatinge says:

    Wow! I’m speechless!

  7. Jill D Mabbott avatar . Granny Weatherwitch, ex- U.K. Met. Office says:

    There were about 6 comments when I added mine yesterday, and now there is only one. Have I been edited out, together with the other comments? If so. I’d like to know why please :-) GWW

  8. bhesper says:

    Imagine standing on that roof! Looking at this sunset.
    ( Was it a sunset? )
    Hey, are there three faces to be discerned in this great picture?
    Shall we try and give this pic some fancy name?
    How about this for an opening scene as the curtains rise for act one of some classical play (which?)in a theatre somewhere? Three faces that don’t … etc.
    I really love this example of iridescence.
    It’s beautiful.

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