“Altocumulus lenticularis”

Kathleen Janick, member 49,856, submitted this beautiful poem and accompanying image. The photograph reminded her of when her then you children, helped her paint a wall.

Altocumulus lenticularis

A childish painter is busy today
Trying to whitewash the sky
Leaving a messy coat of milky streaks and stripes
Distorted as in a funhouse mirror

Back and forth, left and right
Brushstrokes crisscrossing
Spreading over a bright blue wall
In swatches of Cloud White, Alabaster, and Dove Gray

Careless painter in a hurry
Not bothering to mix or blend or match shades
Or even wait for her masterpiece to dry
Creating a fleeting, cosmic mural out of thin air

© Kathleen Janick

One thought on ““Altocumulus lenticularis””

  1. Patricia L Keelin avatar Keelin says:

    Ah, Kathleen, your lovely poem brings a widening smile – not fleeting at all! :)

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