02 © AlexandraGerman_Cumulonimbus

Alexandra Germán

in Mexico City

Visit his website here: www.alexandragerman.me

Alexandra Germán is a visual artist. These are her “Metamorfosis de una nube” photographs which she provides with this statement.

“A cumulus is the first form of a cloud that as a child we learn to recognise and draw, at that time we don’t look at it and think in a storm, in a cloudy day or in the fog, and even though at that point that cloud might fade or continue to grow, we just recognise it for what it is for us at that moment: a cloud.
The observation of meteorological phenomena and the metamorphosis of clouds allows me, through construct a cloud in a space, a form of appropriation of the sky. A cloud shows us what does not last, it is the object that can not be maintained even with the look and that change from one second to another, the cloud speaks of a constant metamorphosis, reminds us the perishable; so I’m interested in its construction like a form to capture its transformation as if it were a still from a video, stop it´s transformation to constantly look within a picture.”

05 © AlexandraGerman_Altocumulus

04 © AlexandraGerman_Cirrus

03 © AlexandraGerman_Stratocumulus

02 © AlexandraGerman_Cumulonimbus

01 © AlexandraGerman_Cumulus

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