Crown Flash

A Crown Flash

Crown Flash

Back in 2011 we wrote a news item about the strange lights that can sometimes be seen dancing in the sky above storm clouds – Dancing Clouds. We saw in a recent post by the Bad Astronomer at Slate Magazine that these amazing light effects, caused by the ice crystals above the storm cloud aligning with the shifting electrostatic fields caused by lightening strikes below, were given a name back in 1971.

In a letter to Nature Magazine about a sighting in 1970, this amazing light effect was named “A Crown Flash”.

3 thoughts on “A Crown Flash”

  1. Ginnie Powell avatar Ginnie Powell says:

    Finally got around to viewing this. It is the cooling thing I have every seen on this web site.

  2. Laurie Brown avatar G L Brown says:

    Amazing video.

  3. Laurence Green avatar Laurence Green says:

    The wonders of clouds never fail to amaze and keep us ever watchful.

    Marvellous capture!


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