“A Crowd of Clouds” by Pauline Tabrar

A beautiful crowd of clouds, went tumbling across the sky,
And the Sun and Moon, perplexed, both just wondered “Why”.
For the clouds seemed full of mischief, dancing upon the breeze.
Then swooping, with great elation, to gently touch the trees.
`Goodness` said the Rainbow, `Watch them swing and sway,
I wonder what is happening to all the clouds today? `
But the clouds just went on tumbling, twisting, turning around.
And all this done in silence, for they uttered not a sound.
“Stop” said the twinkling stars. “You are messing up the sky,
And please don’t scare the Moonbeams, or you will make them cry.”
But the clouds just tumbled on, fluffy, billowing, white.
While the people on the ground, just marvelled at the sight.
And never had the Heavens, seen such a wonderful show,
For the beautiful, tumbling clouds, made the Heavens glow.
But soon the clouds slowed down, their tumbling at an end,
And the sky went back to normal, with night soon to descend.
And asked just what had happened, by the stern but smiling Sun,
The Clouds all cried in unison “we just were having fun!”

© Pauline Tabrar.

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