A Cloud Photography Book

We have recently seen a sneak preview of a new photography book called ‘Recognize’ by Glen E. Friedman.

Legendary photographer, Glen E. Friedman, made his name in the 1980s photographing the likes of the Beastie Boys (when they were just an emerging talent) and the cream of rap artists on Def Jam recordings. His photography books include ‘DogTown – The Legend Of The Z-Boys’, charting the emergence of skate culture in West Coast America, and he co-produced the seminal feature-length documentary on the same subject, ‘DogTown and Z-Boys’.

We are very pleased that Friedman should turn his attention to photographing our fluffy friends in all their respendent glory. The shots are, pure and simple, majestic cloudscapes unsullied by any piffling little distractions like the ground.

Recognize by Glen E. Friedman is published in the US, and available from amazon.com. We highly recommend it.

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