My Dining Room Ceiling © Carol Ritter Wright

A Cloud Interior

Carol Ritter Wright, member 45130 from Seneca Falls, NY, recently wrote to us about her love of clouds saying –

“In October 1994 – long before I knew anything about you at the Cloud Appreciation Society and no surprise since you didn’t even exist as an organization back then – I painted my dining room ceiling. This is the result of an hour or so with a roller to paint the blue background and only two additional hours with a brush and a stepladder and a can of white paint: climb up, make a cloud, climb down and look at it, climb up and paint, repeat. The ceiling still looks like this and probably will be the same for another several decades”

We love the results and it must be a very relaxing place to share a meal with family and friends.

One thought on “A Cloud Interior”

  1. Margaret Harwood avatar Margaret says:

    I am so envious.
    What a wonderful idea, sadly my husband puts up with my ‘hobby’ but this would be a step too far.
    I did paint the garden shed blue with cumulus clouds all over it and lovely it looks too.
    I hope you enjoy it for a long long time.

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