The Trouble With Night Clouds!

Carole Chandler, member 28346, sent us a little poem from Marley (Retired Guide Dog … and super-duper canine cloud-spotter) and herself that hopes might bring a smile to some fellow ‘cloud spotters’ out there!

The Trouble With Night Clouds!

Good Morning (…Here we go again)
Check me on your PNC
For goodness sake, just ‘pull me up’
There’s just my dog … and me!

I know it’s very early
Or, perhaps you think I’m late
To be out on the open road
So, that’s why you ‘tailgate’

But, I’m afraid I’ve NOT been drinking
Nor, have I been smoking weed
I’ve adhered to The Highway Code
(I’m always careful not to speed)

For, my Licence is a ‘clean’ one
I’m law abiding, as you see
Though, perhaps you are suspicious
As it’s twenty five to three!

And I know you’re being diligent
(… with so much rural crime)
But, I have ‘nocturnal’ interests …
…and the night sky’s one of mine

Cloud Spotting is my forte
And ‘noctilucent’ ones are rare
And only to be viewed at night …
… Away from urban glare.

So, I’m sorry to disappoint you
But you now have an obligation
To ‘pull me up’, so I can talk …
… Of Cloud Appreciation!

© Carole Chandler

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