Zero Gravitas

Cloud enthusiast Vera Uzhva sent us this amazing video of clouds as they are seen by her friend who is a pilot… it also demonstrates how much fun is had while flying!

3 thoughts on “Zero Gravitas”

  1. Miriam Darlington says:

    This brought tears to my eyes, to see the joy and companionship in the pilot’s eyes as he looks out at the clouds, and it reminded me how much I love our beautiful planet, and want to preserve it..

  2. Christopher Daniel avatar Christopher Daniel says:

    Reading through the October 2013 edition of Delta Airline’s in-flight magazine, I came across mention of the Cloud Appreciation Society. Surprisingly, there are others out there. Then this video “Zero Gravitas”. How Prescient. I stumbled across this video a little while back and subscribed to Balleka, the video’s creator. As previously noted (paraphrase), the pilot’s face speaks volumes. Terrific cloud shots. Enviable indeed!

  3. Chris Thornton avatar Chris Thornton says:

    I am very envious!! The joy on the pilot’s face says it all! Chris

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