Wolkenschauen Exhibition

There is an exhibition of 23 artists working with clouds taking place in Passau on the German/Austrian border. It is entitled “Wolkenschauen” which means cloudspotting. It is running until 12th October 2014 at the Kunstverein Gallary, Passau and and cointinues in two venues from 18th October until 9th November in the capital city of lower Bavaria, Landshut (30 minutes northeast of Munich). Artists of the exhibiting include Simon Read from London, UK; Laura Vandenburgh from Eugene Oregon, USA; and Karl Reinhartz, Kurt Benning, Michael Klant and Katharina Gaenssler from Germany.

For more information please see HERE

Below are some images sent in by Michael Jank, curator of the exhibition, Katharina Gaenssler, Buttons, 1999, (Cut out from holiday pictures of her journeys, with the city stamped in on the back) and Michael Klant, poetic banner flying over Passau ” I change but I cannot die” (Percy Shelly)

Katharina Gaenssler, Buttons 1999

Michael Klant, poetic banner flying over Passau

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