Timelapse Blue Sky House

Cloud watcher Ted Socolofsky sent us his recent timelapse video of clouds passing over a valley south of his home. 5 days and nights compressed into less than 10 minutes…

4 thoughts on “Timelapse Blue Sky House”

  1. SteveK says:

    Fascinating. The music added to the clouds. I sat transfixed.

  2. Margaret Shank avatar Malapert says:

    So beautiful! Thank you from California, where in the SF Bay Area we have some awesome clouds (and fog!) too.


  3. Susan Nicholls avatar Halcyon2020 says:

    Beautiful to see the world turning, the moon setting, the shadows moving, and the clouds dancing their endlessly different yet always the same dance. Thank you!

  4. Paul Soderquist avatar pfsod says:

    Ted, thank you for this time lapse of clouds. It’s fantastic. It teaches me about clouds in a way a textbook doesn’t. And in a way still photography doesn’t. So, thank you.

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