The Witches Spell

Writer and artist, Lorelei O’Connor, sent us this atmospheric poem accompanied by a photo taken by her son, Micheal.

The Witches Spell

Relentless clouds of the wicked
fall unto the roads
swallowing our bridges to tomorrow,
as we all slept awake in our dreams
lost, as what happens in fog,
Who cast this spell of the veil?
yet our sister seers, knowing
beyond light and dark
day and night,
cast their magic, releasing Pegasus to the sky
his wings spreading the air aloft
breaking the curtain of mist
with one echoed sound of wind
leaving the sky alone
revealing our ethereal full moon.

© Lorelei O’Connor 2021

One thought on “The Witches Spell”

  1. Michael Lapka avatar Michael Lapka says:

    Beautiful, and perfect for the picture!

    Thank you.

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