“The Splendour of Rain” by David Oscarson

David Oscarson, Supporting Member 40914, recently shared this poem which beautifully describes the image he captured.

The Splendour of Rain

The first light of day began with the birth of a cool azure sky.
We looked on in silence standing in verdant grass of the meadow.

Before long an evolution of nimbus clouds began forming above the horizon.
As they approached we observed the squall line crossing distant fields.

Sheets of rain soon were upon us and we sought shelter in the old barn.
Looking out the open door I held you close as the lightning flashed.

Raindrops pounded the tin roof akin to the sound of 10 drummers.
The storm diminished and magnificent crepuscular rays illuminated the earth.

Before long, a gentle breeze with its sweet fragrance swept in.
An expansive earth was now a vibrant stage for us to behold.

Rain and its splendor that day brought us closer together.

© David Oscarson

One thought on ““The Splendour of Rain” by David Oscarson”

  1. Margaret Harwood avatar Margaret says:

    I really enjoyed your delightful words

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