London Eye in 2 Mins

The London Eye in two minutes

Cloud Appreciation Society member Mark van der Vord sent in this video of the sunset from the London Eye.

The London Eye in two minutes/Inside by Sepalcure from mach v on Vimeo.
Mark told us:
A week before my birthday, I learnt that I’d won some tickets to The London Eye, courtesy of The Thames Festival on the condition that they were used by Feb 24th. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to do something cinematic with it, my wife and I wanted to either catch a sunset or a night-time ride so I could film it and Miko could take some pictures. However the weather wasn’t being our friend. Each day rolled by and the blanket of dull, grey skies (OH HAI nimbostratus!) seemed like it would never break. What we wanted was the pressure to drop (opening up the skies to more exciting cloud formation) and a warm front start to move in from the west, preferably around tea time. It looked like it wasn’t to be until the very last day of our ticket, so on 24th February, I managed to take an hour off work early and I met up with Miko at The Eye at 5pm. just as the sun was rolling over the horizon. We exchanged our tickets and queued… and prayed that we got on the ride before the sunset got any good. I think that we got the perfect view.

4 thoughts on “The London Eye in two minutes”

  1. Valle Maurizio avatar Maurizio says:

    BRAVO ! Right with good timinng for an amasing view

  2. Jill O'Sullivan avatar Jill O'Sullivan says:

    Just loved this – stunning with the music, wanted it to last longer.I thought I had a good trip on the eye – but this shows how good it can be.

  3. Garnet Bornn avatar Garnet says:

    loved it

  4. Bob says:

    Stunning stuff. Just Wow really.

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