“The Face I Saw Made of a Cloud”

Nick Houvras, member 7367, shares this poem inspired by the clouds.

The Face I Saw Made of a Cloud

I saw a face in the sky, it was a cloud.
With eyes looking up at the universe as if to say.
I find myself drifting around all through the day.
Collecting water over the ocean below and then moving on with the force of the wind dropping the water for it is getting too heavy to keep on carrying. Where do I drop it? I don’t know.
Then as the wind gets stronger I start to pick up other clouds and start to dance in a large circle with a spiral song.
Wiring along we sing and go tearing drops of water again below.
We have no concern or care how our dance ends.
Just as long as we clouds stay above and remain good friends.

© Nick Houvras

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