“The Detectives” by McClain Homann

McClain Homann (member 45082) is a recent member of the Cloud Appreciation Society from Mattoon, IL, US. He loves to write and sent his latest cloud-inspired poem to share.

The Detectives

It’s as simple as this,
A swallowing vortex at the fingertips,
Loving all – Cumulonibus
Starts the reflections.

Possibly a ponder,
Ask of why?
Why is there a heart within the blue sky?
An angel floating, casting rays of sunlit arms, cascading, holding onto her eyes

There is a reason clouds choose to be up high,
To put it simply,
Clouds become what they witness
A magnifying glass of people’s lives.

But of nothing less colliding, collision, catastrophe
Water vapor, cumulus smiles for miles, escalating- dull, grey
Like how temper, anger blows you away,
Until emotions are astray,
Beautiful up top,
But manifest inside.

Electric parasites wiggle out, wind splits in two,
Creatures hurry in homes,
Close their eyes, then open into the unknown.

Then by her chorus the white angel descends, with her companions,
To cheer us -cirrus, mysterious stratos
With his blanket of shadows,
And once again, cumulus,
Glancing at the world’s youthfulness.

If people could all look up,
They could here the advice from all of them, the detectives,
Understand the intellect and dialect,
How they reflect,
Simply. Love.

© McClain Homann

2 thoughts on ““The Detectives” by McClain Homann”

  1. McClain Homann avatar McClain Homann says:

    I’m thrilled you enjoyed it! Thank you and will do!

  2. Margaret Harwood avatar Margaret says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this – keep writing

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