“The Cloud”

Another beautiful poem by Pauline Tabrar of Northolt, Middlesex, England

The Cloud

Silhouetted against the sky,
drifting, floating, proud.
Sailing on the breeze of life,
the elegant, ghostlike cloud.
No solid structure, no substance at all,
no grasping with my hand.
And how it stays up in the sky,
is hard to understand.
I cast my net, that I may catch,
this elusive cloud in the sky.
But it twists and turns, and changes shape,
and slowly drifts on by.
I marvel at its silence,
for it never speaks a word,
Yet I know it has such words to say,
which never will be heard.
A movement of grace, a whispered dream,
a gentle waving goodbye.
A vision of love, far out of reach,
a spectre in the sky.
I watch it flirt, as it kisses the sun,
then I gently laugh out loud,
At the magic and beauty, and endless charm,
of this softly billowing cloud.

©Pauline Tabrar

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