Stormscapes 4

Graham Billinghurst, Society member 24,513, recently spotted this cloud compilation by Nicolaus Wegner, who says in his introduction “For a few months out of every year, the northern high plains bear witness to some of the most incredible and beautiful severe weather events on the planet”.

3 thoughts on “Stormscapes 4”

  1. Renae Edge avatar Renae Edge says:

    That did me in. Totally mesmerizing.

  2. Val Perrin avatar Val Perrin says:

    Absolutely stunning – the most stirring and dramatic evocation of storm systems I have ever seen! Musical soundtrack accompaniment perfectly matches the sequence. Well done – what a creation !

  3. Margaret Harwood avatar Margaret says:

    Wow!! Grahame Billinghurst I really appreciated this, what a gem! thank you for sharing

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