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From spiggsy

From spiggsy


I look high to the clouds
And I am peaceful now;
To see them float high in the sky
Makes my spirit want to cry.

Not for the silly sake of sadness
But ‘cause my mood is one of gladness;
For ‘tis always worth the trouble made
To witness wonder forth displayed.

The sunlight is reflected
Through a white and fluffy spectre;
With shadows grey it marks the earth
Wispy air it does disturb.

In contrast to age’s thinning hair
I’m glad to say the sky’s not bare;
Instead it boasts neat formations
Which race forth over every nation.

I pity those whose gaze is down
For they miss the beauty all around;
They see not nature’s artwork
Instead living in darkness.

How glad am I- with eyes not dead!-
Can see the glory ‘bove my head;
How greeted by earth’s silent roar
I can stop and watch in muted awe.

Hurrah!- say I, to the clouds up high
For they bring much cheer to the sky;
May they always grace the air up there
Pointing out the folly of our cares!

© spiggsy
March, 2011

  • Mark J Peacock

    December 7, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Spiggsy, I thin this is too long which is why you’ve not got a higher approval rating. It doesn’t have anything interesting in it either, Santa, aeroplanes, vagabonds, reptiles etc.

  • Mark J Peacock

    December 7, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    I ‘think’, that was supposed to say. Although ‘thin’ is a word you should perhaps have in the back of your mind when writing your next offering…thin it down, Spiggsy.

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