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Welcome to the Cloud Shop

The Cloudspotter’s Guide (Signed)


Our internationally bestselling book

In stock (can be backordered)

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The Cloudspotter’s Guide was our first book. Written by Society founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney, it was turned down by 28 publishers but then went on to be an international bestseller and is now in 20 translations. This is the paperback edition. It is predominantly black and white throughout, with a short colour section in the middle (for a pocket-sized colour guide to the different cloud types, see our Cloud Collector’s Handbook).

The Cloudspotter’s Guide explains in an entertaining way that is accessible to everyone how and why clouds form, but it also explores our curious relationship with clouds, showing how this has been expressed over the centuries in literature, art and film. After all, these “patron goddesses of idle fellows”, as the Greek playwright Aristophanes described clouds, have been the ever-present, subtle backdrop to the whole of human existence.

“A lovely book, the sort that everybody should have in the car or on the kitchen windowsill.” Daily Telegraph
“His style is genial, his enthusiasm uplifting and his book nothing less than a subtle but glorious mantra for a way of life.” Metro
“Read this eye-opening and amusingly written book and you will realise that beautiful as they are clouds are not just put there for decoration, they are truly awesome things.” Daily Mail
“Eloquent and engaging…Beautiful illustrations, photos and diagrams throughout, which show how spectacular the sights can be for the ardent cloudspotter.” Financial Times

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