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Solarcan is a camera designed by Sam Cornwell (Member 16,804) to produce an extreme-time exposure photograph of the Sun’s path across the sky. All you’ll need to get started is a sturdy post or window that faces the Sun. Everything else is included in the Solarcan package.

Once set up, you just leave the Solarcan in place. Every day the Sun will rise slightly higher or lower depending on the season, and it will create a new path on the film inside the can. Passing clouds break up the lines of the Sun like meteorological morse code. You can leave the can in place over weeks, months or whole seasons. It just depends on your patience. Over time a beautiful image will be captured inside the Solarcan.

Once you have found the best spot facing the path of the Sun across the sky, just peel away the black tab on the side to open the pinhole lens and let light in. The can contains a piece of high grade photographic paper which will be exposed by the image of the Sun as its path changes with each new day. The Solarcan is machine sealed so it can stay outside and no water will get in to damage the paper. Leave it on a windowsill (where it won’t get moved!) or use the included cable ties to attach it to a post or drainpipe outside.

Once you’ve run out of patience (hopefully after several months), simply open the can to remove the photographic paper with the image that will have inverted colours. Scan or photograph the image with a regular camera or smartphone so that you can invert the colours and see the end result! Don’t worry, a 16-page instruction manual is included. The Solarcan is as much fun for children as it is for adults.

Maximum aperture f/132
Field of view 160°
Paper: Ilford Pearl 127 x 178 mm
2 x 500mm cable ties
A 16-page manual
Cylinder box for safe keeping

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    Pendant combien de temps maximum le Solarcan peut-il être exposé ?

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