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Let the whole world know that you are a cloudspotter! Or at least let the person in the car behind you know. Our beautiful window stickers are printed in blue on white vinyl. They are cut out in the shape of a cloud, and you can choose whether you want one with the sticky part on the front to attach on the inside of your window facing out or with the sticky part of the back to attach on the outside of the window (useful for tinted windows).


Sticker dimensions: 128mm x 92mm (5″ x 3.6″).
Please choose which side you want to be the sticky face – front or back.

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6 reviews for CAS Window Sticker

  1. Jennifer Paris avatar

    Calamity Jen (verified owner)

    This unmistakable sticker in their window helped me spot a fellow CAS member while driving in rural Pennsylvania! I can’t wait to get my own!

  2. Shop Account avatar


    Thanks for your suggestion Stan and Bradley. We hear what you are saying, and we’ve produced a version of the window sticker that has the sticky part on the back. This means that you can stick it on the outside of tinted windows. Since the sticker is now out in the elements, it has a permanent adhesive instead of the light adhesive for the inside version. You will shortly be able to select which version of window sticker you want to choose.

  3. Bradley Byrnes avatar


    I agree with Stan. You need to make a sticker for the outside of the windows. It cannot be seen on the tinted window. Hope you will consider making one soon!!!

  4. Stan Budryk avatar

    Stan (verified owner)

    Sticker is great if you have non tinted windows. Hard to see through tinted glass. They need to make a sticker that can go on the outside of your tinted glass so that it can easily be seen.

  5. kattywac (verified owner)

    Great sticker! Perfect Size!

  6. Sally Garrett avatar

    SG (verified owner)

    Love the window sticker, just the right size – I’ll be looking for others in my locality!

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