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A Cloud A Day is our beautifully illustrated book containing 365 skies selected by the Cloud Appreciation Society. It includes photographs by our members from around the world of stunning and fascinating formations, as well as examples of clouds depicted by great artists and even formations in Space, such as interstellar clouds and those on other planets. This is the ultimate dip-in-and-out book for sky lovers. Each image is accompanied by an enlightening explanation, a revealing snippet of cloud science, a surprising story or an uplifting quotation. This is the first book to come out of the Cloud Appreciation Society in seven years, A Cloud A Day brings together the very best of the daily emails that we send out to our subscribing members each morning.

We are so proud of this book. We think it is the best we’ve ever produced. Our members have made it what it is by letting us include their breathtaking photographs and contributions. A Cloud A Day is hardback, full-colour throughout, and your copy will come signed by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Cloud Appreciation Society founder and Member 001. A Cloud A Day will help you de-stress and reconnect with nature, and it will provide all the inspiration you need to better understand and appreciate the ever-changing daily spectacle above.

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Weight 1.08 kg
Dimensions 22.8 × 16 × 2.7 cm

4 reviews for A Cloud A Day (Signed)

  1. Laurence Green avatar

    Laurence Green (verified owner)

    Here is my review of the newly launched CAS’s book, “A Cloud A Day” by our President, and Founder CAS member (CAS member 0001) – Gavin Pretor-Pinney.
    Straight up, this book is marvellous! It is a hallmark and masterful piece of work. It is, I suggest, a true “must have” book. Monumentally pleasing would be an understatement.
    If you are tempted to buy it you will not be disappointed. It is bound to please – and gratifyingly so. Once received, you will, for sure, be fingering through its enticing pages and you will find it hard to resist putting it down. It is compulsive reading! It is like a maze – you wander in easily and deeper into its beguiling pages – can you get out?!? Not easily. It is a bit of a whirlpool – you get enjoyably and lusciously sucked in.
    Right – book facts as follows so you know what to expect when, hopefully, you make a purchase:-
    a) My book arrived safe and sound and securely packed in very strong cardboard (recyclable) packaging to deliver it in mint condition. Book arrived, via courier, within 5 days of ordering on-line. It is slim enough to be posted through most letter boxes;

    b) Dimensions etc:-
    Weight:- 2 ¼ Lbs (2.25 Lbs) UK pounds = 1 kg – yes, it is a heavy book, grandly so;
    Length:- 9” = 22.5 cms
    Width:- 6 ¼ “ = 16 cms
    Thickness:- 1 ½ “ = 3.25 cms
    Produced in hard back. Paper quality top class and using sustainable paper – FSC C016973 refers.
    c) A nice sturdy bookmark accompanies the book;

    d) Not only Earth bound cloud photos featured, but also, the clouds on planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Also, lovely paintings and art cloud work. The various quotations, verses, texts and extracts of poetry make the book all the more joyful.
    I sincerely urge all CAS members – all 47,667 of you – to purchase a copy of this book. Not only will you enjoy it but you will be supporting your Society and furthering its aims.
    Consider buying it for yourself as an indulgent early Christmas present or a nice unusual gift for someone you know and may perhaps be persuaded to become a CAS member.
    I have three minor qualms:-
    – a photo of our CAS President, Gavin Pretor-Pinney (and book’s author) does not appear – bit of a pity. I like to see an image of the author of any book I buy.
    – A slightly disappointing lack of inclusion of monochromatic (black and white) photos – there have been wonderful photos of this genre on the CAS Photo Gallery;

    – Photos which have appeared on the CAS Photo Gallery have been “cropped”. I guess done so in order to fit them into the confines of the book’s production.

    Laurence Green – CAS member 29440

  2. Hazel Hay avatar

    Hazel Hay (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, the book is just wonderful, thank you so much! I can escape into cloud heaven!

  3. Nick Edwards avatar

    Nick (verified owner)

    Dear Gavin,
    The book ‘A Cloud a Day’

    I received your book in the post about a week or so ago and I feel that I must put pen to paper and congratulate you and your band of CAS helpers in writing and producing an absolutely stunning book : it is a real tour de force.

    You take the reader, via paintings, poetry, art and photographs from the sky above one’s own back yard, visiting our sister planets in the solar system with atmospheres and then onwards to the depths of interstellar space.
    Very well done indeed!

    With best wishes,

    Nick Edwards 13 September 2019
    CAS Member 32830

  4. PHIL MORGAN avatar

    PHIL MORGAN (verified owner)

    I became interested in ‘A Cloud a Day’ after seeing Gavin Pretor-Pinney on Sunday Brunch. I decided to give it a go and I’m very pleased I did, it’s a great, quality book to own. Beautifully put together. I’d also recommend you catch up with Gavin’s ‘Ted Talk’.

    Philip Morgan

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