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A Cloud A Day Journal is not available to Finland.

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Following on from our very successful book A Cloud A Day, we want you to take time each day to look at the shifting skies and then, using the prompts and space in the journal, record the cloud, weather, and importantly your thoughts on that day. It is the perfect mindful occupation.

Included in the back of the journal is a useful cloud identification device. Beautifully designed and printed onto durable and weather-proof plastic, the Cloud Selector is a handy carry-around aid to recognising 20 different types of cloud. You turn the dial on one or other side to find the photo that most resembles the cloud you are looking at. All the photographs were kindly contributed by our members from around the world.

In amongst the prompts and spaces are stunning images of clouds with bits of poetry, science and folklore. It is the ideal interactive journal for those interested in clouds and the weather but also for those looking for the perfect way to spend 10 minutes of the day to reconnect with nature and the passing of the seasons.

Given the weight of this hardback UK edition of A Cloud A Day Journal, we can deliver to UK addresses only.

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