“Rain” by Dore N. Schwab Jr

Bill Schwab, member 31074, from Norway recently found a lovely poem written by his father, Dore N. Schwab Jr, now deceased, and asked us to share it with our cloud community.


From glowering skies
Where groaning clouds
Protest an unwanted impost
Comes life itself.
First furtively in soft droplets
As if to scout and sense the welcome
Then steadily, harder and harder,
As the eager clouds squeeze out the ballast
So they can rise and soar
And work no more.

And on this nymphomaniac earth
N’ere fulfilled – always wanting more of this treasure-
Stalks and limbs turn upward to receive the bounty.
Roots stretch and suck,
Leaves and buds glisten smugly
And the land is glad.

Laughing our own joy at the clean surface beauty
Rejoicing in the knowledge of life cycle’s completion,
Tingled by driven drops down our necks
Excited by earth’s yearning
You and I, intruders in this love affair,
Walk hand in hand in the midst of creation.

Written by Dore N. Schwab Jr. ©

4 thoughts on ““Rain” by Dore N. Schwab Jr”

  1. Mark Allerton avatar DingoSwampHead says:

    Wonderful poem. My mother and I joined you in celebrating the act of creation.

  2. Albert Harris avatar Albert says:

    Hi. I am a member of the CAS and I am impressed by the photo and the poem. Would you mind if I publish the photo [and maybe the poem] in a magazine I edit? Many Roads for Bodhicharya.

  3. edward hilinski avatar edward hilinski says:

    That was absolutely fantastic, your dad had quite an insight to clouds and nature and a great poem to share with world, thank you

  4. Bill Schwab avatar Bill Schwab says:

    I appreciate your publishing my fathers poem and the photograph you coupled it with is beautiful.
    Thank you and keep your heads in the clouds.

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