Photographer’s Dilemma

Terry Alby, member 40,752, wrote this poem for our Gallery Editor, Ian Loxley. He told us it’s about old photographers who love all the beauty that abounds and has the alternative titles of “Old Photographer’s Don’t Die Young!” or “Don’t Blame the Lens”

Photographer’s Dilemma

A beautiful woman walks by!
He needs no distraction, what about the attraction?
Could he handle the action?
A very wise guy,
Would keep his eye on the sky!

It’s easy to be bolder,
When you are older.
But now that you know, beauty comes from above.
Show the woman no interest
CLOUDS are your true love.

Your lens however,
Has a mind of it’s own,
As it sees all this beauty,
Is there a need to atone?

©Terry Alby 2021

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