Parhelia (“Sun Dog”)

Kathleen Janick, member 49,856, recently wrote this poem inspired by the photograph above which was taken one morning in November off the coast of Maine.

Parhelia (“Sun Dog”)

In a hasty, hushed wake-up call
The sun brings a candelabra
On this dusky, muted morning
Rising with an extra glow
Of pure white lamplight
Suspended in a milky sky
Veiled by silky cirrus drapes
The sun turns on
A crystal chandelier
Of floating prism shapes
Sprinkling light
Converging tight
In glitter paths
On golden seas

In a rush to brighten
A sleepy-headed day
The sun escorts
Twin star bursts
Hovering side by side
Mirroring the other
Iridescent fragments
Glints of rainbow sprite
Hints of misty mirage
Refracted and reflected
Scattered and reconnected
Blinking at the dawn
Winking at my yawn
A solar hologram

Who can resist
A sun dog morning like this
When blue skies beckon
And chiffon clouds second
With daylight calling
I give up stalling
And rise and shine
For even while life on land
Struggles in darkness and cold
The beauty of light
And splendor of sun
Extoll and cajole
Warm and console
Rekindling my tired old soul

© Kathleen Janick, November 2021

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