Pannas Cloud

In the early evening of July 6, 2012 a huge Pannus-Cloud showed up above the provinces Zeeland and West-Brabant in the Netherlands. There was no time to set up a camera for a time lapse; so Ireen Wijmans filmed it for several minutes. This is the result:

7 thoughts on “Pannas Cloud”

  1. Nicolien van den Hengel avatar Nicolien van den Hengel says:

    What a very beautiful cloud! Thank you for recording this!

  2. Ireen says:

    Thanks all for the comments!
    Best wishes from a cold, cloudy & rainy Holland!

  3. Ed. Green avatar Ed. Green says:

    Well worth recording!Nice one,Ireen.

  4. Ireen says:

    Thanks Terry!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  5. Terry Scoltock avatar Terry Scoltock says:

    Great clouds, nice music!

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