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Orographic Cloud over the Needles

Orographic Cloud over the Needles from Siobhan Cosgrove
Orographic Cloud over the Needles from Siobhan Cosgrove

Orographic Cloud over the Needles

Rosemary Stewart, member 16444, recently contacted us about videos taken by Joanne Atkins on the Isle of Wight, UK which show unusual fog over the Needles. She told us “The pictures are proving particularly intriguing for Islanders. On Sunday (25 August 2019) there was thick fog in part of the Solent. This lady was at Alum Bay and took these very unusual views of cloud covering the Needles and the whole peninsula leading to it“.

You can watch the videos on the Isle of Wight Radio website

The Needles as they usually appear from Rosemary Stewart

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  • Yi Liu avatar

    Yi Liu

    October 19, 2019at3:33 pm

    It‘s a phenomenon which we called cloud waterfall in China. Niubei mountain cloud waterfall is very famous in China. It is even a scenic spot.

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