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Organic Matter in Clouds – New Study

  • Madya Panfilio avatar

    Madya Panfilio

    February 25, 2013at7:46 pm

    Life is in all things throughout the Universe. No Exceptions! We come from the stars and go back to the stars…we are Stardust!

  • Cloud Smitten

    April 15, 2013at11:33 am

    Amazing! Now I can call myself a biologist as well as a nephologist! Huzzah!

  • Jennifer Johnson

    April 20, 2013at2:22 am

    Snow and Rain are small presents from the clouds above us.

  • Kim Ter-Horst avatar

    Kim ter- horst

    April 27, 2013at6:07 am

    I will never again feel the same about getting wet in the rain

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