“On First Looking into The Cloudspotter’s Guide” by Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, member 11945, of St-Plantaire, France, recently sent in this aptly themed poem for our amusement.

On First Looking into The Cloudspotter’s Guide

(with apologies to John Keats)

Much have I travell’d in the sunlit wold
And many a cumulus humilis have seen;
Round many cloudless regions have I been
Which are seductive, travel agents hold.
Oft of those radiant spots had I been told,
(For instance, Thomas Cook is very keen),
Yet did I never value cloudy scenes
Till I heard Pinney speak out loud and bold:
Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When some new cloud-forms swam into his ken;
Or, like stout Howard in weather-grading guise,
Stared at the various clouds; while other men
Look’d at each other in complete surprise,
Silent in a Quakers’ London den.

© Anthony Davis

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