Nubes – Music Composition Inspired by Clouds

Sabino de Bari is a composer and guitarist. He told us “I have been composing music inspired by clouds, including a string orchestra piece (Nubi, 2017, honourable mention at Premio Sinopoli 2018) and a symphonic orchestra piece (Luminanze, 2019). These compositions are a musical metaphor of their shape (cirrus, stratus, altocumulus, etc.) as well as their related parameters such as altitudes, density, and, of course, luminance. All these parameters have been developed to determine texture, register, dynamic evolutions, and the harmonic agglomerates timbre that shape these musical work”.

Although there are currently no recordings of these, he has recently released a decacorde (10 strings classical guitar) album, Nubes, where two compositions have been composed as a continuation of the orchestral work, and based on the same concept, but this time for a solo 10 strings guitar.

You can see more on his website here: ‘Nubes’ project & ‘Nubes’ album

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