Nuages – Galerie Camera Obscura

Cloud enthusiasts Mana Cazalobos and Didier Brousee both contacted us to let us know about a new Cloud exhibition at the Galerie Camera Obscura in Paris. It will be running from 4th February to 2nd April 2022 and features work by cloud photographers and artists.

The information provided by the gallery tells us “Clouds, like the sea, are unchanging, yet constantly reshaping. They fill our imagination just as much as the sky above our heads. When we raise our gaze to watch them, we join an ancestral community of eyes, one which unites humanity, beyond time and space. This new exhibition brings together fifteen artists : some of them have found, in the sky and the clouds, a major source for their creations (Jean-Baptiste Née and his “nuées”, thick clouds), or a recurring subject (Yamamoto Masao, Michael Kenna…), or more simply and inspiring chace meeting (Gilbert Garcin, Françoise Nuñez, Marcelo Fuentes…).

You can see more about this new exhibition on the Galerie Camera Obscura website

The Gallery is located at
Galerie Camera Obscura
268, boulevard Raspail 75014 Paris
tél : + 1 45 45 67 08

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